DIAMONDOID: What is it? Where does it come from? Who is making it? How can it transform the world and industry? These and other questions are what I am going to answer.

Diamondoid is a class of strong, lightweight, hard materials with the basic structure of diamond. They include standard diamond (pure tetrahedral carbon crystal), fullerenes, graphene, hexagonal diamond, stiff hydrocarbons, hydrogen-carbon stiff crystalline polymers, and, non-carbon materials such as quartz, boron-nitride, silicon-carbide, adamantane, carbon-nitride, and related materials. Unlike naturally-occuring diamond which is hard but brittle, synthetic diamondoid is tough and flexible as well as hard and strong. It can be elastic and flexible, as well.

In its natural state, diamond is transparent, or, has color shades based on various molecules and atoms that are integrated into its molecular structure. Diamondoid can be given any shade or pattern of color, through the use of surface engineering and adding other atoms to the molecular matrix.  Natural diamondoids are often found in deposits of petroleum and other hydrocarbons, and, fullerenes are formed in the presence of any carbon flame that burns and produces soot. Fullerene is basically a soccer-ball shaped pentagon and hexagon type of carbon molecule, and also can be formed into perfect molecular nanotube fibers which are like rolled up sheets of graphite/graphene. These are a hundred times stronger than steel and a fraction of the weight, and transmit electricity better than copper.

Diamondoid can be used in place of metal, stone, wood, plastic, or any rigid material. Diamondoid can also be used to simulate nearly any other material, once molecular-level control is available, including soft materials. Eventually we can build "smart matter" using diamondoid and other materials, such as artificial muscles made of fullerene nanotubes and organic polymers that are called electro active polymers. When an electric current is run through them they can expand and contract, mimicking natural muscle tissue, but, faster and stronger. Diamondoid molecular machines will allow such things as self-replicating, self-repairing, reactive materials that can change shape in their enviroment under computer and external control.

Some products that would benefit:

Body and Vehicle Armor: Diamondoid armor would be super-strong, tough, and lightweight. Layered diamondoid and laminated fullerene/diamond composite would be impervious to nearly any damage except that which can break the strong chemical bonds that hold it together. Smart systems such as actuators, struts, nodes, and circuits would allow active smart armor that can go from soft and flexible to hard and stiff instantly. 

More information can be found at www.molecularassembler.com

More information on this can be found at the INCA Naut Challenge:


The INCA stands for Inter-Nodal-Connector-Architecture and it was patented by Steve Bridgers. It is a smart material system that allows much of what is discussed here to be made reality.

Cutlery and Tools:

The first human-made tools were knives and cutting instruments made from chipped stone such as flint, obsidian, chert, quartz, and other materials. Then came metals such as copper and bronze, and then iron and steel. The industrial age was the steel age, and saw the refining of a wide range of steel alloys, and now we can produce advanced alloy steels that can be tailored for virtually any need. Excellent knife companies exist which manufacture strong, sharp, and durable knives. Once we can build knives from diamondoid, we can make knives (And other tools) that are stronger than steel, light as plastic, never rust, and are tough and elastic, as well.

We can also make knives and tools from nanostructured diamondoid ceramics and even combine metal and steel with diamondoid.

Once we add molecular motor systems and diamondoid gear-systems, we can make knives and tools that expand and contract like muscle, and which can telescope from the size of a ball point pen to the size of a sword....and have the cutting power of many chainsaws!

We could also construct a "Universal Tool" which is a mass of diamondoid that is full of actuators and molecular mechanisms that allow it to change shape to form any tool one needs, from a knife and a hammer to a spoon and a saw.

Disaster-Proof Tents, Shelters, Houses, and More:

We could use the principles outlined in the INCA technology as mentioned above, (www.incanautchallenge.com) to build collapsible tents and disaster shelters and all manner of buildings from diamondoid that are impervious to earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. These can pop open quickly for fast deployment.

The list goes on, from smart fabrics and flying cars, to self-repairing self-sharpening super swords, and everything in between, can be constructed from diamondoid. Self-Cleaning Diamondoid Plates and Utensils would become as cheap and common as plastic flatware and stainless steel flatware is today.


There are some excellent cutting tools that are manufactured today and this area of technology will only grow and improve from here on out. The knife was man's first tool and it is the prime tool that led to the construction of all others. The knife came even before man learned to master fire. The knife is very basic, the Wedge, an inclined plane that joins at a cutting edge or point. Every human culture has knives and cutlery of some sort, as do almost all animals. Horns, teeth, claws, are all  natural forms of knives. The types and forms of knives that are possible are nearly endless, though a few basic utilitarian shapes have been solidified and used across all areas, such as the Clip Point, Drop Point, Saber Point, Spear Point, etc. 

There are many knife manufacturers today who produce high-quality products at good prices for all manner of uses.

One of them is Spyderco. Spyderco was founded by a great man named Sal Glesser and is based in Golden, Colorado. They manufacture some of the BEST knives in the world, absolutely. Spyderco pioneered three core elements of today's pocket folding and other knives: Their Spyder-edge serrations, the one-hand opening hole in the blade, and the pocket clip that holds the knife securely in one's pocket.

The link to Spyderco Knives is here: SPYDERCO.COM

Another excellent producer of knives and outdoor tools is COLD STEEL KNIVES. They were founded by a man named Lynn Thompson. This man deserves many, many awards and medals for what he has done to design and give to humanity such wonderful cutting tools, in my honest view.

Cold Steel produces a wide assortment of designs and one of my favorites is the Cold Steel Voyager series. These are high-quality folding, locking knives made with high-strength polymer handles and sharp, strong stainless steel blades.

 The quality, feel, shape, and utility use of this knife is literally one of the best in the world. I would recommend any responsible adult person purchasing several of each of these designs if possible, and having them in their pocket, glovebox of their car, tackle box, survival kit, medical kit, and wherever else one could keep such great tools.

The Website for Cold Steel Knives is here: WWW.COLDSTEEL.COM

Benchmade Knives and Kershaw Knives are two other great knife-producing companies.

Benchmade and Kershaw manufacture very excellent-quality knives in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes.

Benchmade.com for Benchmade Knives

Kershawknives.com for Kershaw Knives

The knife at the bottom of this page is manufactured by a company based in Spain named Muela Knives. Muela was founded by Eladio Muela and has produced many useful designs over the years. They are made from high-quality stainless steel alloys and they use durable handle materials and sheath materials in their products. They come in a wide range of styles for every possible use, from hunting and fishing to military and survival and general outdoors use.

As you can see, there are many great knives available. One thing that I find to be very disgusting is this: Attempts at Anti-Knife Legislation around the world. Many countries and local governments in the Western world and other places have passed nonsensical, irrational bans against various sizes, shapes, and types of knives. Human beings are individuals and individuals are responsible, personally accountible for good or bad behavior. It may sound like an over-used cliche but a gun or a knife does not murder anyone, the person who chooses to abuse this neutral tool or piece of material is responsible for their behavior. Bans against knives are even more ridiculous than bans against firearms, which are against freedom and safety and against the Constitution. The United States Constitution declares: "The right of the people to keep and bear arms." All of the founding fathers of the USA agreed that this refers to the individual human right to own, carry, and use weapons and tools.

Knife bans are foolish because the determined killer can always find some weapon or tool to do his or her evil deeds with. If you ban guns people use knives and if you ban knives people will use clubs or sticks or rocks or slings or thousands of different types of weapons, and will create their own makeshift homemade weapons as we see around the world and throughout history. This is called "Hoplophobia", an irrational fear of weaponry.

For example: In the United Kingdom, also called the British Isles, there have been strict attempts to ban cutlery and knives, with no good result. It has not stopped crimes of violence and theft  and people who are responsible are harasssed and arrested for merely carrying an everyday knife as a cutting tool. Unfortunately American politicians and lawmakers have gone the same route, some even foolishly declaring that a one-hand opening pocket folding knife to be a "switch blade". A "Switch Blade" is a SPRING-DRIVEN automatically opening push button knife and is a very useful tool. Because of irrational politicians and irrational, illogical "concerned citizens" these knives were banned federally in the United States of America in the 1950s, but thankfully because of wonderful groups like KNIFE RIGHTS, this is changing in some places, as new laws are made to repeal the irrational bans and allow responsible citizens to own and carry such excellent tools.

I highly recommend interested persons to go to their website: www.kniferights.org and join, become a member, and support this organization to protect our human freedoms and rights.

Steel is very amazing stuff, when you consider its composition and history.

As far as we know from archaeology, the earliest iron artifacts were made from meteorite iron that fell to Earth from space, people found it and considered it "heavenly metal", and shaped it through sanding, pounding, and other methods. Later , as metal smiths began to work with copper and bronze, they learned to make furnaces and forges able to smelt and shape iron from its ores in rock. Then, through various trial and error processes, they learned that certain materials when added to the heated iron properly produced fine articles of steel. This process, ofcourse, infuses the iron crystals with carbon and other atoms, which produce structures that have useful properties.

There are thousands of types of steels and alloys, and some are very notable.

Michael Faraday the famous Christian physicist and scientist added chromium to steel to improve its corrosion-resistant properties.

The true inventor of stainless steel (with all due respect to Harry Brearley, the Englishman) was a Jewish German man named Benno Strauss.

In 1912, Benno Strauss was working for the famous Krupp Steel producers, and he and a man named Edward Maurer developed Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Austentic stainless steel, unlike the standard martensitic stainless steel, work hardens, instead of needing final heat treatment to harden it, and it contains both hard and tough-flexible sections, which gives you the best of both worlds. Furthermore, this form of steel can be "precipitation hardened" and is more corrosion/rust resistant than other forms of stainless steel.

Here is an article from Wikipedia about Benno Strauss:

" Benno Strauss was on 30 January 1873 born in Fürth. His father was the Jewish merchant Nathan Strauss, his mother was Babette Strauss, born lion hair. Beginning of the nineties of the 19th Century Benno Strauss studied at the Technical University of Munich (TU Munich today) mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and physics. He later attended the University of Zurich and received his PhD in Doctor of Philosophy .

In 1896 he took a job in the physical department of the company Krupp in Essen, where he became manager in 1899. In 1912 he developed as a director of the Krupp Research Institute jointly with the engineer Eduard Maurer a method for producing a stainless steel based on a nickel-chromium alloy, which allowed through a special heat treatment, the so-called final annealing, remained malleable or special strength . These two patents were licensed by the patent officials Clemens Pasel registered and 1919 granted retroactively. [1] In 1922, this steel the protected name Stainless Steel (stainless steel). Also in 1912 he was appointed Royal Prussian Professor and held a lectureship at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster . Since 1924 he was the head of all testing institutes and experimental stations of the Krupp works in Essen and resulted in Krupp cemented carbide WIDIA (such as diamond) a. 1927 Bunsen Medal of him was German Bunsen Society awarded and honored him in 1931, the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia with Howard C. Potts Medal.

On 1 January 1935 it announced the Krupp firm because of his Jewish ancestry. [2] Due to the Nuremberg race laws , he lost his professorship and looked, as did everyone Jewish Germans increasing discrimination and disenfranchisement. In 1944 he was forced to work in the labor camp Vorwohle in wood Minden deported, where he died a short time later.

1964 his mortal remains were returned to Essen-Bredeney transferred. In his memory, two streets were named after him in food and Fürth. In 2000, the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster published in a statement that in the years 1933 to 1945 were made ​​for racial and political reasons dismissals are null and void. [3]

In October 2012 several steel-murals were in the industrial park "complex2" the city of Fürth, located at Benno Strauß-Straße, appended by Strauss. This happened just before the 100th anniversary of the registration of the stainless steel patent on 17 Oktober 1912.

One particularly interesting stainless steel is called H-1 Stainless Steel. This is an Austenitic steel that uses nitrogen in place of traditional carbon in the iron matrix, and it is almost completely rust-proof. Spyderco and other companies such as G-Sakai in Japan use it in knife blades. It work hardens so that over time with use the edges and points become stronger and harder while the other sections remain tougher and more flexible/elastic; a very useful tool.

Nanotechnology: Cure for MANY (but not all) of Mankind's Ailments:

Before I write out what the amazing new technology known as molecular manufacturing or simply nanotechnology can do, I want to make something clear. I am not saying that building machines and materials with control over the individual atoms and molecules (clumps of atoms) can cure such problems as cruelty, injustice, and man's inhumanity to man. But many of our problems are truly related to lack of matter control, at least on the surface, and that is what I am addressing here.

What is nanotechnology? The word nano comes from the Greek, meaning dwarf, and very small. When it comes to technology, it refers to any technology that allows the manipulation of matter at the molecular level, but, the specific and revolutionary usage as used here is this: Atomic-precision control over matter, from the atomic to the macroscopic and megascopic levels (VERY HUGE and visible levels). Basically, molecular technology and engineering will allow mankind to assemble materials and mechanisms with explicit control over each individual atom and molecule. And the uses of this are tremendous, here are a few to start off:

Super Strong, Ultra Strong Materials:

The strongest, hardest, and most durable (and incidentally the most lightweight) materials in nature are those that are held together by covalent, shared electrical bonds. The atom is made up of three basic particles: The Proton, The Neutron, and The Electron, a Tri-unity/Trinity. Chemistry, and nanotechnology which is "Super Chemistry", as well as biology, generally involves the manipulation of the electrons. The atomic nucleus plays no role in most established chemical reactions (see note 1); in most established chemical reactions only the outer electron shell or cloud is manipulated and rearranged. The nucleus is the core and source of the weight of the atom, but the bonding strength that decides how one atom welds to another is all in the electrons, and the outer electrons at that. 

This is the Periodic Table of the Elements, of the atoms. There are 92 natural atoms, from Hydrogen which is the lightest, to uranium which is the heaviest. The heavier synthetic elements are not stable and as far as practical chemistry goes, can be ignored. The strongest materials are made of the atoms in the upper right hand corner: Carbon, Boron, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, etc. Steel is made from a bonding mix of iron with carbon, plus other heavier elements like chromium and nickel to make stain-resistant/stainless steel alloys.

Metal is actually quite weak at the molecular level, except for some exceptions such as tungsten and tantalum which are very dense and hard. Metal such as steel appears to be strong and hard and durable at the macroscopic level but the main reason we use metal for construction is because it has a property called "plastic deformation". If you bend metal it bends before it breaks/fractures and this is because the atoms of metal are bonded in such a way as to allow planes of them to slide over one another. Harder materials like glass and diamond in their natural states are more tightly bonded, and because of this, they do not bend, but because they are not completely indestructable (no known material is), they shatter as the fracture spreads through the structure quickly. Nanotech will use tightly bonded materials like diamond, ceramics, carbides, nitrides, oxides, and related materials for structural purposes. You may ask, "How can this be done if they shatter?"

Glass in its normal state is hard but brittle. If you take a steel hammer and hit it against a sheet of steel, it will tend to bounce and dent the steel instead of shatter it. But if you do this to a sheet of normal plate glass, the glass will tend to shatter into shards. But if you take hundreds and thousands of ultra thin fibers of glass, the same basic substance, and arrange it in the form of fiberglass, glass fiber composite, that same hammer will bounce and dent it before it shatters, infact it will not shatter. This is why fiberglass is used in many things like boat hulls. Think fiberdiamond.

The same thing can be done with diamond and ceramic and more. Diamondoid nanomaterials will be arranged to have the hardness and strength of the chemical bonds that make them so hard and durable but their structure will use fibers, diamond fiber composite will have the fracture toughness of metal and beyond, with the hardness and strength of the carbon-carbon bond.

Here is a list of materials that will become common, cheap, abundant, and well-used with nanotechnology:

Diamond, Diamondoid (Any diamond like structure), Silicon Oxides (quartz), Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Aluminum Oxides (corundum, sapphire, ruby), emeralds, jasper, fullerenes and graphenes, tungsten carbide, and alot more.

Fullerene and Graphene are particularly interesting. Graphene is an atomic-thin sheet of graphite, the same carbon atoms that make up diamond, but, in a flat sheet instead of in the three dimensional tetrahedral crystal. If you take the graphite sheet and roll it up into a tube  you get carbon nanotubes. These are at least 50-100 times stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight and can conduct electrons better than copper.

Diamonds will become common and available to all, in any shape, including structural diamond of any size with extreme strength. Think about knives made of diamond that feel like lightweight plastic but can cut through steel and concrete like butter and never rust. Diamond buildings and diamond solar cells will cover those buildings. Which leads to the next area: Energy.

Cheap Energy Solutions:

Currently our civilization burns fossil fuels for energy, except for nuclear power and a few renewable sources like water hydroelectric power, wind, and solar.

Long ago, carbon-rich living organisms died, and the carbon of their bodies was compressed and buried and over time was converted into coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Today we collect this material and burn it, in the form of gasoline to run cars, factories, homes, etc, to generate electricity. Yet every moment of every day trillions of watts of energy is pouring out from the massive nuclear furnace called the sun and the stars, most of it goes unused. Biology, the living world, is nanotechnology. Cells, viruses, bacteria, proteins, ribosomes, are all natural nano machines, molecular devices that perform pre programmed functions according to the genetic DNA computers in them.

We have a machine called the solar cell, or photovoltaic converter. This is a semiconductor made of silicon which, when exposed to sunlight, the photons from the sunlight push free the electrons of the solar cell material, producing an electric current. Right now solar cells are expensive to produce (good efficient ones) and bulky. With nanotechnology all of that changes. Molecular Nano Assembler devices, also known as replicators, will allow us to cheaply mass-produce sheets of solar electric converter cell material, that is stronger and harder than steel and flexible as paper and newsprint. This will be able to be posted everywhere, on all unused road and building surfaces, worldwide. Efficient batteries can store it when it is nighttime, and, the energy can be used to split hydrogen from oxygen in water to produce a hydrogen fuel cell.

For most purposes, there will be an abundance of clean, cheap energy for everyone. If more concentrated energy is needed, for say, interstellar spacecraft, they can develop nuclear fusion, which is another topic and not related directly to nanotechnology.

The major cost of most items is the energy cost. Once the energy cost drops due to cheap solar power, the cost of goods will also drop. Molecular manufacturing centers around the development of the MOLECULAR ASSEMBLER/REPLICATOR. A machine system that is like the biological ribosome or a machine shop or industrial robot arm system, at the molecular level. Once we build the first working assemblers and replicators to mass-assemble atomic precision materials, machines, and more assemblers, the Age of Nanotechnology becomes advanced.


The human body (all living biology) is made of molecules which are clumps of atoms. Cells, organs, and everything within us is made up of molecular machine systems.These systems are amazingly efficient and allow a person, in general, to live to about 70-80 years of age before the systems shut down. But, there are inefficiencies and breakdowns and we call these diseases, ailments, old age, and physical death.

Molecular nanotechnology would allow us to assemble microscopic and molecular machines that can be injected into the body to repair damage and control the physical health of a person directly. NANOTECH IS THE CURE for material/physical disease! These nanomachines can be programmed to dissolve harmful bacteria and viruses and pathogens, parasites, and anything undesired in the body. People today talk about obesity and there is a multi billion dollar weight loss industry. With nanotechnology we can build machines that can eat away and break down and dissolve excess fat tissue with zero side effects and no harm to the person

You would literally be able to eat and drink whatever you want and the nanomachines inside of you, like an artificial immune system, would be programmed to rearrange the molecular structure of your body to how you want it. You could gobble down pizza, soda, shakes, burgers, potato chips, cakes, cookies, and anything, both healthy and not healthy, and it would not matter. You could have a body that is programmed to be fit without the work of exercise or dieting or calorie watching.

ALL viruses would be cured and destroyed. Molecular machines would permeate the body and would be programmed to selectively break down and harmlessly (to the person) dissolve and eat away all such pathogens.

Nano cell repair machines could be programmed to literally herd and bond and stitch and seal up all wounds and even regenerate cell tissues and fractures. Nanomachines could seal and refuse broken bones and even strengthen existing bone using super strong nano carbon fiber and diamond and ceramic materials.


Industrial technology has brought us many benefits but there have been unwanted side effects. When we use traditional technology to make something, we essentially take large blocks or pieces or a mass of atoms and carve and mold and shape the item we want, and there is waste material left over. With nanotechnology all of that changes. Using nano assemblers, you would have a nano factory or nano replicator box that would stack individual atoms and molecules to form the finished product with zero waste. 

There is much more to say regarding this new set of technologies but here are some good links to learn more:

The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology: www.crnano.org

The Molecular Assembler site: www.molecularassembler.com

The Foresight Institute: www.foresight.org

Eric Drexler's site: www.e-drexler.com


No technology is without its downsides. All technology like all materials are neutral, tools. Anything can be used for good or for evil purposes. It is not the item or the material or technology that is to blame, it is the bad behavior of the user. Nanotech is no exception.

If you can make machines that can repair cells you can make machines that can destroy cells.

You could make nano chain saw knives that are hand held and which can be used for good purposes or they can be used to do evil with. Imagine a nano chain saw that has a diamond chain edge and which can be used to cut through solid concrete and reinforced steel. Ofcourse, defenses could be engineered, as well.

Nanotech based firearms would be extremely powerful and potent, and "smart". A material can have millions of nanocomputers packed into it, including the bullets themselves. They can be programmed and powered to move around corners and target specific individuals.

There are also the possibilities of accidents and unwanted side effects through opposing, competing uses.

For example: Let's say 1000 people now have nano assemblers and each of them wants to construct his or her own personal castle/palace from solid shatterproof quartz (silicon oxide in sand and rock) which is harder and tougher than steel and gleams gemlike. Who decides where each castle goes and what if they all want the same land?

With nanotech, someone could make programmed nanospiders that have body casings made from crush-proof ceramic and which are more poisonous than the Brown Recluse Spider shown above, and, can cheaply produce billions of them and release them around the world to harm people.

This is a non-metallic knife made from a glass-fiber composite material. It is strong and tough and light. With nanotech we could mass-produce tons of these made from diamond or graphene/fullerene that could cut through steel as if it were paper or dough.



The Unification Church, also known as the "Moonies", was founded by a wicked, evil liar named Sun Myung Moon. It was founded by this false prophet in South Korea in 1954. This liar and con-man claimed he had visions of the Lord Jesus Christ when he was a teenager and Jesus told Moon that He, Jesus, had failed in His mission because He was crucified, and now it was up to Moon to succeed where He, Jesus, failed.  This is, ofcourse, a blatant lie, as any Christian knows. Moon openly attacked Communism and as a result, he won many allies in the Western world, who were willing to work with an evil lying con-man as long as it was against the plague of communism. The old adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" was at work there.

THANK GOD, THIS DEVIL NAMED MOON IS NOW DEAD. The old devil died at age 92, after destroying the lives of countless millions of people around the world. The Moonie cult takes advantage of naieve, gullible, as well as emotionally-damaged intelligent people who long to be a part of something greater than themselves. They use the lure of sex with young women and young men as part of their indoctrination program and they enslave their members. Members must give up nearly all of their material possessions to the cult, and, have pictures of Moon and his wife in their household. Moon called himself and his wife the "True Parents".

Here is what Moon really is:

Look at this devil and his wife, before he died. He is utter and complete scum:

Here are some of the lies taught by the Moonies:

Let me share with you just a few statements out of the Unification Church book titled, "Outline of the Principle."

1) His (Moon’s) knowledge came by direct revelation from God, not from schools. (pg. 18)

2) God has led people of other nations by establishing religions suited to their particular time and environment in order to prepare them to receive the Messiah in the future. (pg. 25)

3) Speaking of creation, "We can understand that these days were not actual twenty-four hour days." (pg. 32)

4) This is the result of Eve’s committing the sin of fornication with the angel–clearly indicating that fallen man is the offering of Satan. (pg. 55)

5) Christians have traditionally believe that Jesus’ death on the cross was predestined as the original plan of God. No it was not! (pg. 79)

6) Man since WWII has become aware of the need for an international cooperation and world government. (pg. 102)

7) Some try to identify Jesus with God... (pg. 142)

8) There must not only be a true Father (Jesus), but also a True Mother. The Holy Spirit is the one who works as the True Mother. (pg. 144)

9) Jesus Himself substantially subrogated Satan by following the model course that God had already shown through Jacob and Moses. In the same manner, any person can make Satan submit by following the course of Jesus. (pg. 205)

10) The Messiah came but the Foundation for the Messiah crumbled, leaving no place for Jesus to stand as the Messiah. Actually the Messiah can only appear where there is a foundation free form Satan’s invasion. (pg. 239)

11) Because of the crucifixion mankind lost the physical body of the Savior and thus lost its physical object of faith and could not receive physical salvation. (pg. 248)

12) Then in the year 1930, the precise year the Messiah was born? (pg. 305)

13) Then, what country does this refer to? The nation of the East is Korea. (pg. 307)

On 23 March 2004, more than a dozen lawmakers attended a congressional reception honoring the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in which Moon declared himself the Messiah. Afterward, Moon told his bipartisan audience of Washington power players he would save everyone on Earth as he had saved the souls of Hitler and Stalin -- the murderous dictators had been born again through him, he said. In a vision, Moon said the reformed Hitler and Stalin vouched for him, calling him "none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

During the ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) wore white gloves and carried a pillow holding an ornate crown that was placed on Moon's head. The Korean-born businessman and religious leader then delivered a long speech saying he was "sent to Earth . . . to save the world's six billion people. . . . Emperors, kings and presidents . . . have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

To many observers, this bizarre scene would have looked like the apocalypse as depicted in "Left Behind" novels. Moon, now 87, the benefactor of conservative foundations like the American Family Coalition -- who served time in the 1980s for tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice -- has views somewhere to the right of the Taliban's Mullah Omar. Moon preaches that gays are "dung-eating dogs," Jews brought on the Holocaust by betraying Jesus, and the U.S. Constitution should be scrapped in favor of a system he calls "Godism" -- with him in charge. The man crowned "King of Peace" by congressmen once said, according to sermons reprinted in his church's Unification News: "Suppose I were to hit you with the baseball bat to stop you, bloodying your ear and breaking a bone or two, yet still you insisted on doing more work for Father

This is what any thinking, free, and decent person should think of Moon, and his Unification Church:



According to known physics, "empty space" is not empty at all. It is filled with a vast sea of energetic stuff that is the source of the material world. This is the "prime material" or "ether" of the ancients. This ether can be used to produce any form of matter one wants, through transmutation, and can be used to power and propel all of our machines. The root of gravity is in this ether and so it becomes possible to completely engineer matter and the universe around us. The atom can be engineered as can the atomic nucleus and all of its individual parts, protons, neutrons, and electrons. Gravity and light can be engineered with this technology. The famous American Chinese physicist, T.D. Lee, who won the Nobel Prize for his work in Broken Symmetry in 1957 said the following: " (Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory) "The experimental method to alter the properties of the vacuum may be called vacuum engineering... If indeed we are able to alter the vacuum, then we may encounter some new phenomena, totally unexpected."

Some of the applications of this technology, if refined and fully developed, include:

Cheap, Clean Energy converters that harness nearly unlimited, decentralized electrical power from the ether itself.

Cheap transmutation of any existing atom/element, and, the production of new atoms that are custom-designed.

Gravity control and manipulation.

Direct Matter Assembly, Replication, Reproduction; Replicator machines that can do all of what molecular nanotechnology promises, and, much more.
 Imagine a device that not only assembles atoms and molecules into finished products, but, the same machine can fabricate atoms on demand, whether they be carbon, cobalt, chromium, tungsten, titanium, nickel, silicon, boron, and any other.

Curative, cell-regenerating medicine and surgery that allows one to completely heal and regenerate all tissues down to the atomic level, and, which allow total control over one's body material.

Transmission and Receiving of lossless communications no matter the solidity or distance of the intermediate area. Imagine cellular phones that can transmit through solid steel or solid rock or over millions of lightyears, without any interference.

Super powerful, Super Compact Directed Energy Devices

Much, Much, Much More.